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Welcome to your home for the next… well, who can be sure?

What is the cost of knowledge? How often do we sit back for a moment and ask ourselves, when we find out that we CAN, whether or not we SHOULD?

The gods have been absent from us for so long. So long, in fact, that we simply don’t possess solid proof that there ever were any. Oh sure, there are still faithful followers, die hard believers, and powerful (albeit misguided) zealots bent on acting “In the name of God.” The only proof that gods ever existed rests within the delicate pages of a book so ancient that even the most devout scholars and researchers are unable to agree upon the origin of the document.

It is because of the scholars that you find yourselves amassed in this place. A recent theory has been tossed around and pondered, and we need an… insurance policy, if you will. You see, my colleagues and myself require a group with a particular set of skills to go on an adventure with us. I believe that travel by ship is not the only way in which to cross to the next continent. There is still so much of this world that lies, as yet, undiscovered. I mean to be among the first people to travel from this continent to the next on foot.

Main Page

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